Infinity Mirror: How to make a DIY Infinity Room

I wanted my guests to be filled with a sense of wonder and awe as soon as they entered the ‘I’m Enough’ thirtieth, and I decided to approach this challenge with a DIY infinity mirror. Inspired by the incredible infinity rooms of Yayoi Kusama, I decided to make my own little DIY infinity mirror passageway, and while it didn’t quite compare to the infamous artist’s installations, it did give my guests the sense of being lost in a sea of pink lights.


Total budget = < $200

Time Frame:

Roughly 4 hours



The first step is to mount the two mirrors to the wall, directly opposite one another and as perfectly aligned as possible. The IKEA GODMORGON mirrors which I used come with wall mounts and mounting instructions, but they could also be put on artist’s easels or hung from a picture rail if you don’t want to damage your walls. The key is to have the mirrors well aligned and close together – I could only afford the two mirrors, but if you purchase more and add them beside/above/below the two initial mirrors this would create a more dramatic effect.

I then crafted an arch out of chicken wire, by cutting two pieces and tying them together with household string (see video above), so that the arch matched the 120cm length of the mirrors . This process is quite flexible depending on the shape and style you want, I simply created a rectangle of chicken wire, 120cm in length, and bent it into an arch over the mirrors. I then used string to tie the edges of the chicken wire to the mirror mounts.


Hanging the lights was easy, I spaced them out over the arch, leaving a slight passageway down the middle for people to walk through. The battery packs sat on top of the arch while the fairy lights hung through the holes, I used small pieces of string to secure the battery packs to the arch, just in case they slipped. On the night of the party, I used a step ladder to reach up and turn each of the battery packs on.

That was it! I had my miniature infinity room! It was very DIY, but when you walked through you definitely got that ‘thousands of lights stretching out into eternity’ feeling I was seeking to give my guests.