How to Make a Rainbow Streamer Wall Backdrop

One of the biggest projects for my thirtieth was making the rainbow streamer walls. While simple to make, they took a lot of time – but were also a lot of fun! I made two streamer walls which stood on either side of a courtyard so that guests were surrounded by rainbow, but the quantities below are for just one.


  •  2x MDF panels height:1830mm width: 915mm, or as appropriate to your space ($9 each at Bunnings

  • A selection of streamers in colours of your choice (for one streamer wall, I used roughly 12 x 25m rolls, which I bought for $2 each from The Party Warehouse in Lidcombe, Sydney)

  • Gaffer tape or duct tape ($5.92 at Bunnings)

  • Large roll of masking tape ($5 at Woolworths)

  • The streamer walls can be leant against a regular wall without a stand, but I used some old bricks to secure them firmly in place.

Total budget = <$40



A weekend


I started by lying the MDF panels flat on the floor with their longest sides pushed together. Using duct tape, I taped along both sides of the MDF (and over the top) so that the panels were attached to one another securely. I actually chose to leave a slight gap between the boards (behind the tape) so that the boards could be folded over one another and the streamer walls could be folded to carry.

Once the panels were secured together I propped them against a wall to start attaching streamers.

To prepare for attaching streamers to the wall, I lay the streamer out on the ground, folded over itself to create a section fringe. I then lay tape over the top of the section and used the same tape to attach the section to the wall. In the video above you can see that I moved sections around until I was happy with their placement, scattering colours and trimming the wall where necessary to create a shaggy finish.